Meet Eden!

If there’s one thing you should know about Eden, it’s that she’s a whole lot of fun.

She’s adventurous, loves exploring creativity, and is utterly infatuated with Lord of the Rings and anime (she even has the tattoos to prove it!) With a passion for professionally done make up and an eye to achieve a really distinctive look, Eden brings an unmatched edge to the Podium team. There’s no doubt this girl will turn heads within the hair and beauty industry as she works toward her qualification, taking cues from hair greats such as Guy Tang. Her zeal for innovation and reluctance to play by the rules of ‘status quo’ mean Eden’s clients come away feeling brave, inspired and ready to leave their mark.

What got you into the hair industry?

I was intrigued by the creative side of the hair industry. Creative colouring has always interested and inspired me [she says, as she flicks her vibrant ruby red locks].

What is one of your stand-out Eden-isms?

My appearance gives away my personality.

What’s your idea of happiness?

Being completely content within myself and where I’m at in life.

Who do you take your cues from?

Mykie (Glam and Gore Make up Artist)

Guy Tang (Hollywood Hairstylist and Balayage Ombre Expert)

Favourite food?

The chocolate nachos from Cactus Jacks.

Life goal?

To one day own a pug named Bilbo Puggins.

How would you like to be remembered?

As being a fun person.

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